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Inland Ports as enablers of Green Logistics and Sustainability

Open Innovation Challenge

Swarm intelligence wanted!

Open Innovation Challenge

Inland Ports as Enablers of Green Logistics and Sustainability

What can European Inland Ports contribute to achieve the climate targets?


Europe has set ambitious transport, environmental and climate targets for 2030 and 2050 (climate targets 2030, climate targets 2050). European inland ports, due to their role as multimodal transport hubs as well as their proximity to metropolitan areas, are of crucial importance when considering strategies and approaches to achieve climate targets in the coming years. Globalisation, changing consumer behaviour and urbanisation are leading to a steady increase in traffic, freight transport and emissions in European cities. These developments call for new solutions and rapid action in order to actively meet the challenges arising from them. The political measures and initiatives to achieve these goals will be the focus of attention of all actors in the coming years. Issues related to sustainable development of European inland ports and to actively contributing to the achievement of climate targets are at the forefront of the EFIP (European Federation of Inland Ports).

The Challenge will gather ideas on how European inland ports, in their role as multimodal transport hubs, can contribute to achieve the climate targets.


02.03.2020 – 17.05.2020 — Idea Submission
18.05.2020 – 31.05.2020 — Community Evaluation
01.06.2020 – 14.06.2020 — Jury Evaluation
08.10.2020 + 09.10.2020 — Final Event @ thinkport VIENNA

Creative ideas are needed in three areas:

Innovations at the location of the inland ports in the fields of energy (energy supply and energy generation), logistics services, process optimisation and innovative solutions for local companies and employees.

Ideas for integrating ports into urban logistics, creating new infrastructure or creating new services for cities. Inland ports as suppliers to the city.

Inland waterways as supply routes (new means of transport, alternative fuels, etc.).


The Open Innovation Challenge is managed via a central platform sponsored by 
DIHOST (Digital Innovation Hub East). In order to join in, you have to follow the reigstration steps:

  1. Registration at Haus der Digitalisierung (House of Digitization): www.virtuelleshaus.at  
  2. Check your mails and finish the registration via clicking the confirmation link
  3. Open www.virtuelleshaus.at again and click on the Button “digiCROWD” on the right side to get to the Open Innovation Plattform
  4. Your Registration is finished! Thank you for your perseverance.
  5. You can get to the Challenge via the Platform or via the Direct Link:

You need help? –> please send us a mail with your contact details: office@thinkportvienna.at 

The three best ideas will be selected by a jury of experts in June 2020. The winners of the challenge will have the opportunity to present their idea to the experts at 8.10.2020 and 9.10.2020 at a follow-up workshop in the Port of Vienna and to work together on a perspective for implementation.