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Open Innovation Challenge

Inland ports as enablers of green logistics and sustainability


Out of a total of 33 submissions, 15 were selected for the next round by the community. After that, the TOP 15 Ideas were judged by a 6-member jury based on previously defined criteria.

The winner of the challenge is Alexandre JANIN with his submission:

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“This idea brings together many existing ideas. It therefore doesn’t really sound new but the synergies between all its aspects can have a huge impact and truly transform a port into a center of green logistics.”

“I like this project quite much. Personally I am not so convinced that inland ports and parcel delivery to individual consumers in the city center is a good concept. But this project goes in my eyes to the better main items: Energy Quay, water based selective ware collection. And it is French!!”

“Port of Lyon develops services that are partly new for the classic tasks of an inland port. Ports have to develop and have always taken on new tasks, very good development!”

“The idea addresses two completely new services (renewable energy station and waste logistics) with high relevance for the future non-fossil-based transport and connects them in a meaningful way. Both services promise to lead to a more resource-efficient personal transport and logistics world through their exemplary function. The services are not only ideas, but seem to have already been partly implemented.”

“This project describes a bunch of ideas for sustainable and innovative hubs in the port, with the aim to create synergies with the city. Despite some very concrete and convincing ideas, it is more a list of opportunities, rather than a description of how to implement these ideas. A lot of work still has to be done, based on these excellent ideas.”





The submission phase is now finished and we could collect a lot of exciting, creative and innovative ideas. Thanks for all idea contributors for participating in the challenge!

We are now entering the next phase and your opinion is needed.

Start of the Community Rating!

Open the platform and click “TO THE ARENA” to start the community rating: https://vhdd.neurovation.net/challenges/5078526f-e3b5-4e86-aff9-9a82489a3210

In the arena, you can compare the submitted ideas in pairs, and thus bring the 15 ideas you think are best to the jury’s evaluation.

Have fun Rating!



What can European inland ports contribute to achieve the European climate targets?

Globalisation, changing consumer behaviour and urbanisation are leading to a steady increase in traffic, freight transport and emissions in European cities. These developments call for new solutions and rapid action in order to actively face the challenges arising from them.

Join in, be part of something new and win big prizes!

  • With your idea we will achieve Europe’s transport, environmental and climate targets for 2030 and 2050!
  • You have the competence for sustainable solutions when it comes to strategies and approaches to achieve the climate goals!
  • Support the European inland ports in making a sustainable and active contribution to achieve the climate targets!

Together with you, we will collect ideas on how European inland ports, in their role as multimodal transport hubs, can contribute to achieve the European climate targets.



You have the chance to win the following prizes

  • Presentation of the winning idea at the BVL Logistics Dialog 2021 (http://www.bvl.at/)
  • Participation at the EFIP Meeting (European Federation of Inland Ports) on 8 + 9 October in Vienna + presentation and discussion of the winning idea + implementation perspective in an European inland port
  • VIP participation at the Forum Green Logistics 2020 (2. November 2020) with the theme “blackOUT – greenIN: How does logistics work when nothing works anymore?” (forumlogistics.at)
  • Exclusive guided tour through the Port of Vienna (hafen-wien.com)

Share your ideas to the following categories:

Innovations at the location of the inland ports in the fields of energy (energy supply and energy generation), logistics services, process optimisation and innovative solutions for local companies and employees. Ideas for integrating ports into urban logistics, creating new infrastructure or creating new services for cities. Inland ports as suppliers to the city. Inland waterways as supply routes (new means of transport, alternative fuels, etc.).


Here you will find the instructions for successful registration:

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