Current Issues

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There are currently no access restrictions to the city of Vienna. Trucks can enter the city regardless of their size. Only one Euro class restriction applies. Substantial parts of the added value are lost and the costs remain in the city.

Port Bridge (similar to “Güterhof”):
The city is supplied via individual deliveries, which are consolidated depending on the consignor and consignee. Conventionally powered vehicles are mainly used for this purpose. Cross-customer consolidation with the additional use of alternative vehicles is hardly possible.

The city centre represents a special challenge for all logistics companies and service providers. The lack of parking spaces and the dense traffic bans make the last mile very challenging. In addition, limited time windows for access are an essential criterion for route planning. This situation is aggravated at construction sites in the city centre.

Multi-storey Cargo park:
Many multi-storey car parks are located in the best locations of the city and thus represent excellent consolidation points. If there are fewer cars in the city in the future, the parking garages may become vacant. Irrespective of this, areas in multi-storey car parks can also be used for consolidation.

B2C commute and collect:
Distribution and collection boxes located at mobility hubs (multi-storey car park, park & ride, underground station, etc.). Dispatch and reception of consignments at frequented junctions. Integration into daily routes and operator-independent.

Logistics Rodeo (© Adamah):
Groups travel with the bus and experience live how logistics work in the city. During active info-input, live deliveries are made in order to experience the functions and challenges of daily operations. The spectrum ranges from food delivery to parcels. During the tour, new technologies will be demonstrated to confront people and gather opinions and ideas.

Supply of craftsmen and service technicians with material and spare parts via publicly connected and accessible microhubs. The emission-free Hanwerkertaxi, which transports craftsmen between construction sites and supplies them with tools at the same time, is equivalent to this. The journey to and from major construction sites must also be reorganised and offers potential for optimisation.

Parcel Room :

The temporal decoupling of delivery and acceptance of a consignment is important for many private individuals. The “yellow label” is to be abolished in the future and new solutions are needed for this – parallel structures for the collection of different actors do not make it any easier for recipients. The integration of non-proprietary spaces into housing and public spaces offers new possibilities.

Digital Delivery Address:

Catch me if you can for parcels: the digital delivery address offers a completely new delivery option that allows you to consolidate in a completely different way – assuming a certain lead time. Our calendars available online offer recipients a differentiation between “catch me if you can” and “deliver me at home” – where would I like my item to be delivered to? I would like to have the crate of beer delivered to my home, but I can take the new headset anywhere. You might want to consider an option button for an appointment entry that offers the possibility to release an appointment as a potential delivery date. So people who have an appointment together can be thought of as a bundle.

Digital Driving Licence:

The transformation of our world and our behaviour opens up new possibilities and requires contemporary solutions. The identification of people is relevant in many areas – even beyond road and traffic controls. We are thinking here of access to parcel transfer stations or validation when a consignment is handed over. A digital driving licence also makes sense for logistics. In combination with reading devices such as RFID, NFC, QR, etc., identification of persons can take place. It is also conceivable to transfer the ID for a specific purpose and temporarily for the acceptance of consignments (keyword: neighbourhood help or porter in office buildings). The digital driving licence and the digital delivery address allow the decoupling of place and person.